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Lucy Mangan's portrayal of the whirlwind of modern family life, is told hilariously in her book 'Are We Having Fun Yet?'

The novel introduces Liz and her weird and wonderful brood as she attempts to make it through the year without losing it completely.

All Liz wants is some peace and quiet so she can read a book with her cat Henry, love of her life, by her side.

But trampling all over this dream is a group of wild things also known as Liz's family. Namely:

Richard - a man, a husband, no serious rival to Henry.

Thomas - their sensitive seven year old son, for whom life is a bed of pain already.

Evie - five year old acrobat, gangster, anarchist, daughter.

And as if her family's demands (Where are the door keys? Are we made of plastic? Do 'ghost poos' really count?) weren't enough, Liz must also contend with the madness of parents, friends, bosses, and at least one hovering nemesis.

Are We Having Fun Yet? is a year with one woman as she faces all the storms of modern life (babysitters, death, threadworms) on her epic quest for that holy grail: a moment to herself.

Are We Having Fun Yet?


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