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Babies and toddlers will love flipping through the pages of this sturdy board book about a super cute, very musical chick called Roxie. Inside the pages of this entertaining children's book, you'll discover: - A delightful, read-aloud rhyming story that encourages early learning and language development- "Can you spot?" activities that reward curiosity - Fun activities and text that help build social skills and teaches kids to consider each other's feelings.

Meet Roxie and all her lovable animal friends in this delightful, rhyming picture book. Get ready to join in with Roxie's chirpy singing and listen to the cool sounds from her drum, guitar, and xylophone - biff, bang, twang, ting, ding! Roxie absolutely loves singing and playing music.

She's a very chirpy chick! However, all her friends are having some quiet time. Follow Roxie on her adventures to find out if she ever gets to sing and make her friends happy. Along the way, they'll get to meet the cutest, cuddliest animals ever!Boost your little one's curiosity, as they enjoy the easy-to-follow bedtime story and play along by spotting Smiley Snail.

Cheep! Cheep! Chick


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