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Our Story

We’re Amy and Grant, both originally hailing from the charming town of Halifax.


Amy is a primary school teacher with a passion for literacy and the early years, and Grant has over a decade of experience in hospitality management.


Our journey took a significant turn in 2013 when we emigrated to Australia and started our family the following year. After 11 wonderful years down under, the call of family drew us back to the green hills of Yorkshire, where we now reside with our three lovely children.

Our passion for books and community, combined with our professional experience in libraries, inspired us to take over the gorgeous little bookshop in Skircoat Green. This new chapter in our lives is more than just a business venture; it’s a dream come true. We envision our bookshop as a thriving hub of activity, where the local community can come together to celebrate the joy of reading.

Our goal is to offer a variety of events and clubs, fostering a love of literature and providing the personal service you’d expect from a cherished independent bookshop. We can’t wait to share this journey with you and make our bookshop a central part of our vibrant community.

Join us in creating a space where stories come alive and connections are made. Welcome to our bookshop family!

Meet The Little Booksellers



(name inspo: 'Where the Wild Things Are')

Max is our firstborn and a bundle of energy and creativity. His love of reading almost matches his passion for football, making authors like Tom Palmer and Matt Oldfield central figures in his literary world.

We discovered Max’s love for books very early on. As a baby, instead of being soothed by bedtime stories, the sight of a book would wake him up with excitement—legs wiggling and hands clapping! This led us to switch from 'Bedtime Stories' to 'Wake Up Stories', turning our morning routine into a lively literary adventure.

Max isn’t just an avid reader; he’s also a budding storyteller. With his boundless imagination and love for crafting tales, we wouldn’t be surprised if one day we’re stocking his books on our shelves!


(name inspo: 'The Secret Garden')

Martha is our beautiful middle child, full of creativity and imagination. Just like her brother, she has a real love for reading and storytelling, constantly amazing us with her vivid retellings of the stories she enjoys.

One of Martha’s favourite books is 'On The Way Home' by Jill Murphy. Her love for this book shines through one of our favourite anecdotes: for World Book Day at school, Martha dressed as the main character, Clare, who has a bad knee. Thanks to Mummy's excellent knee-cut makeup, she spent the day convincing everyone she hadn’t really hurt herself!

Our superstar doesn't just read stories; she brings them to life. Whether she's acting out her favourite scenes or reading to her younger sister, Martha epitomises the joy and magic of books.


(name inspo: 'The Queen's Nose')

Harmony is our gorgeous third child, and with two older siblings who have been reading to her since birth, she had little choice but to fall in love with books.

If you spot Harmony in our shop, she’s likely to be deep in character—whether she’s pretending to be a queen, a dog, or our personal favourite, Janice, a middle-aged woman who loves shopping (we're still not sure where that one came from!).

Harmony has a particular fondness for books with a bit of cheeky humor, especially those featuring poo or wee. She absolutely adores that we own a bookshop, even if it might take her a while to understand that the books are for selling, not  for taking home!

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